THRU WALL Flashing on an Exterior Wall

Commercial Contracting with HCCTX in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

HCC Commercial Contracting in the Fort Worth DFW areas strives in taking great care in waterproofing their projects. Here HCC Contracting is applying a THRU WALL flashing on an exterior wall.

THRU WALL flashing on an exterior wall

Air Shield THRU WALL flashing on an exterior wall

Air Shield THRU WALL flashing

Flexible Flashing

AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING is a self-adhering, flexible membrane flashing. It is a roll-type product that is nominally 40 mils thick. This material is an air, vapor, and liquid moisture barrier.

AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING is a concealed flashing for masonry concrete, wood/steel frames, and roofing applications – door and window lintels, sills, spandrel beams, caps, and parapets.  AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING is designed for use as a thru-wall flashing and damp proofing course.


  • Controlled thickness membrane is ideal for flashing membrane applications.
  • Cross-laminated polyethylene film has excellent tensile strength, elongation…

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