FAQ During An RFP

Dowling Construction

When our project managers receive an RFP (request for proposal), they are typically asked the below questions. Property managers, construction managers, and facility engineers save yourself some time by knowing the answers ahead of time!

Q: What is the bid turn around?
A: Typically, one to two weeks from the date of the job walk

Q: When can you start construction?
A: Demo starts two weeks after an executed contract is in place.

Q: Are their going to be lead time issues?
A: The finishes that tend to have lead time issues are carpet, tile and lighting. These are finishes you want to get approved and ordered within the first week and a half of a project starting. Millwork fabrication is also taking longer than in the past, due to shops needing to produce a higher volume with a dwindling installer workforce

Q: Does this need to be permitted?

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Safety is of the highest priority at HCC Contracting, Inc.

HCC Contracting takes great caution in regards to protecting existing underground utilities when installing new franchise utilities. Here HCC Contracting performs an underground bore beneath a heavy traffic, metroplex boulevard for new primary electrical service. In this bore HCC crossed a 12” water line, 24” high pressure natural gas line, AA&T fiber optic and Time Warner communication lines. All with no damage.

SafetyBore 12-28-17

HCC performs test drilling of piers with Soils Engineers on site to confirm that specified geological load bearing soil stratums are met to ensure foundation construction is of the highest standard.
At HCC one of our main concerns for construction is the long term performance of a building from the foundation to the roofing system!